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Not so Simple Sims 3 Legacy Challenge!

Eeep! I've been sidetracked! Right now I'm working on a really thorough TS3 legacy challenge. I'm trying make it as enjoyable and awesome as the TS2 Legacy Challenge. Since there isn't a legacy challenge that I've found interesting or challenging enough (even if momentarily fun), I decided to create one myself; Involving all expansions packs, mini challenges, bonuses and so on. However, I do require some help. I need people to help me fill in the gaps. Sadly, I don't own all the expansion packs yet. Only Ambitions. I have much done regrading the Base Game and Ambitions. Buuut, it's still not completed. ::sighs and rubs my eyes:: So please...I think two people will do. You will be accredited for your assistance and contributions to the legacy Challenge. Keep in mind that communication is very important! :3 The better the communication, the faster we can work and the sooner the legacy can be published for our simmers!

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