May. 5th, 2010

lea_hazel: The Little Mermaid (Fandom: The Sims 3)
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I've been thinking of traits I wish there were in TS3. Some of them are little, weird ones, like "Anti-Angler" (or somesuch). If you can have Can't Stand Art, who hates it when people talk about art, and Vegetarian, who throws up when they eat meat, then you can have a fish-hating sim. I think Nocturnal/Diurnal would be fun, too.

The trait I'd most like is Shy. They originally rejected it based on it being too close to Loner, but the way I see it, it should be totally different. Shy sims would hate being around strangers, but would get a mood boost from being around close friends. They'd have a harder time making new friends, but the friends they did make would last. Instead of rolling wishes to socialize with people they just met, they'd want to talk to their closest friends, and do things like call them up autonomously.


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