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What are your favorite Easter Eggs? I know everybody loves the Bella Goth related ones, but my favorites are the alien related ones.

For one thing, there's the big rock in Riverview with a stone age style scene of alien abduction. Then there are the minerals. This one is super subtle, so I really love it. I was reading up on astrobiology when I discovered a name that looked familiar -- carbonaceous chondrite. It's a meteor that appears in the game, apparently based on a real type of meteor. The key is in the first word, carbonaceous. These meteors are made of minerals with lots of organic matter and they sometimes have amino acids on them. Because of this, they are objects of interest in astrobiology, because they might come from planets with life on them.

And it gets better: according to this article, someone once suggested that the carbon in the meteors is a message from sapient aliens.

Sometimes the timeline in the games is really weird, but sometimes they take the trouble to add in funny things like that, like how SimBots are basically prototype Servos. Also, how Kaylynn's aunt dyes her hair blonde, given that in TS2 it turned out Kaylynn's black hair was dyed, and her kids have her genetic blonde hair.

Anyway, can't wait for Late Night. It looks awesome. Too bad my computer can't handle it.

Date: 2010-09-13 06:07 pm (UTC)
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I'm looking forward to Late Night as well.

I never caught on with the easter eggs till people started posting them. And here I thought I was imagining things when the TV looked like it had other games on it LOL


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